About Crafty Party Box

We are a small family business based in London. We want to provide an easy way to bring crafts into the household and parties. Crafty Party Box provides an easy way to do this. In an age of technology, we try to bring back the simplicity and fun of hands-on activities.

Being a parent is a 24-hour job and we know how hard and time consuming it can be to organise a party for your little ones. So let us take out the stress and free up your time and organise everything you need for the main activity.

Coming from a large family we’ve been to many children’s parties where we see the parents running around trying to organise it all themselves rather than joining in on the fun. Crafty Party Box organises everything for you so all you have to do is hand each child their (already separated) material and enjoy watching their creativity fly, and not your stress levels!

Kids decorating strawberry pinata boxKids decorating eye of god

Who's Behind Crafty Party Box?

Picture of Joanna and Ben in Ghent

Crafty Party Box is run by husband and wife power duo, Joanna and Ben.

Joanna, coming from a large Mexican family and growing up between London and Mexico spending literally half her life in each and tries to incorporate a mix of both cultures. She has worked with thousands of children of different ages and backgrounds in primary school workshops in England including several crafts workshops. She is very proud of her heritage and tries to bring an authentic Mexican touch to the crafts whenever possible.

Ben has run some of these craft workshops alongside Joanna (and is also the brains behind this awesome website! 😉).

Growing up in Mexico, piñatas have been a part of every party and celebration in Joanna’s life (and in Ben’s too now. Including our wedding!). Therefore she knows a traditional piñata is handmade with papier maché with the right amount of layers to give it that perfect break, which takes time and work to achieve. Our piñata moulds are handmade in this way as opposed to the cardboard piñatas you find in supermarkets nowadays. Moreover, kids actually get to decorate their own piñatas which makes them extra special and fun!

Joanna hitting our wedding pinataBen hitting wedding pinata

So order your Party Box or Craft Box now and join the fun! 🎉

Another picture of Ben and JoannaBen and Joanna in Lulworth Cove