Crafty Halloween Characters!

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Crafty Halloween Characters!

I can’t believe it’s already October and Halloween is just around the corner! It may be a little different this year but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and celebrate it in different ways! We’ve been doing lots of spooky Halloween crafts to celebrate and it’s been so fun. Thank you so much to everyone who bought one, we love seeing your spooktacular creations! They’re now sold out but that doesn’t you can’t join in with some crafty fun. We’ll be sharing lots of Halloween craft ideas throughout October starting with these fun Halloween themed cardboard tubes!

The fun thing about these is they’re quite simple to make and you can adapt them and make any design you like. We made a Jack-o-lantern pumpkin, a mummy, a bat and Frankenstein!

Here’s how to make them:

First paint the cardboard tubes with your chosen colour. We used orange, white, black and green.

While the paint is drying, you can get your decorations ready. For the pumpkin, we drew and cut out eyes, nose and a mouth from black card. (We just hand drew them but there are loads of templates online you can also use). We also cut out a long leaf from green card and wrapped it round a pencil for a few seconds to curl it.

Once the orange paint is dry, stick the face on with PVA glue and stick the end of the leaf on the inside of the tube at the very top so it’s poking out.

For the mummy, we used white yarn and wrapped it around the tube a few times.

Try doing it in different directions, up, down, across, and diagonal to give it a more messy, realistic effect. Next, we added some googly eyes to complete the look!

For the bat, we used black card again to draw and cut out a couple of bat wings.
Making sure the paint is completely dry, slightly push down the sides of the cardboard tube at the very top, one at a time to create the bat ears.

Then stick the wings on the back, add some googly eyes and draw a little mouth to finish it off! We used a silver sharpie for the mouth but you can also use paint.

Last but not least is Frankenstein! We drew an asymmetrical hairline all the way round the top and coloured it in using black sharpie (You can also use any other black felt-tip or black paint for this and works just as well). Then we drew a mouth on and again added some googly eyes (slightly bigger ones this time for that Frankenstein effect) and done!

These cardboard tube Halloween character were so fun to make and so simple that anyone can join in. You can put them up as decorations or even use them as finger puppets to act out your favourite Halloween story! Like I mentioned earlier, you can customise them and create any characters you like. Why not try a purple monster or a spooky ghost too?!

Remember, if you do give these a try, make sure you tag us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter @craftypartybox to share your creations!

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