25 Activities To Do With The Kids This Lockdown

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25 Activities To Do With The Kids This Lockdown

Lockdown has been hard, especially for parents. So, if you're struggling with ideas to keep the kids entertained, we've got you covered. From quick and easy ideas to full morning or afternoon activities, we've listed 25 of our current favourites so you'll be sure to find something fun to try.

  1. Outdoor scavenger hunt

    Write or print out a checklist and head to the park. Have fun trying to find and spot all the items on your list and tick them off one by one. For an extra bit of fun, make some binoculars to take with you! We made them out of cardboard tubes that we decorated with washi tape, glued together and attached some string. Very easy but very fun! (Find our free downloadable Outdoor scavenger hunt list here which you can print at home, we've got a Toddler scavenger hunt too!)

  2. Indoor scavenger hunt

    Don't fancy heading outdoors? Do the scavenger hunt indoors! Same concept as above but with items from inside the home instead. (Free downloadable Indoor scavenger hunt checklist. And our Toddler version as seen in the image below.)

  3. Treasure hunt

    This is a similar concept to the scavenger hunts but instead try hiding a few treats or toys around the house or garden and have the kids find them.

  4. Tent / camping in garden if you have one or in living room

    Up for a bit of adventure? If you've got a tent and you're up for it, set it up in the garden and have a bit of a camping adventure right on your doorstep. Alternatively, if you don't have a tent or don't fancy sleeping in the cold, why not set up camp in the living room?! It will make a fun adventure that the kids will never forget.

  5. Build a train track or racing track

    If you've got train tracks then great, whip them out and build a massive train track. See if you can make it go around the whole room! Don't have one? Not a problem, draw one on some old cardboard or card, this gives the kids even more freedom in drawing and creating whatever they like and you get an extra activity out of it as drawing the track will keep them just as entertained as playing with it.

  6. Make some musical shakers with old yoghurt pots

    This is a classic and always a winner. Save your yoghurt pots to make fun musical shakers. Wash them out and fill them with different items such as rice, pasta, gravel etc. to give them different sounds. Tape them together using masking tape. You can decorate them too if you like. Then shake, shake, shake away.

  7. Make a card for a loved one

    Grab your paper, card, colouring pencils, crayons, felt tips, stickers and get creative making a card for a loved one. We've got a lovely Valentine's Day card making kit available which includes instructions, envelopes and all the materials needed to make 4 spectacular 3D cards which the kids can make and send to their grandparents, other family members or friends to remind them that they're loved during this tricky lockdown time. Available here for a limited time.

  8. Dress up and act out your favourite stories

    Whether you've got fancy dress costumes or you create an outfit with old clothes and crafty materials, it doesn't matter. The point is to wear something fun, let the imagination fly and act out one of your favourite stories.

  9. Make sock or finger puppets and have a puppet show!

    Make some sock or finger puppets and have a puppet show!

  10. Whip out the Playdough!

    This one is pretty self-explanatory but a great option if you're struggling with entertainment and need a quick solution. If you don't have any, here's an easy recipe by BBC goodfood to make your own.

  11. Make a bug house for the garden

    We spend so much time indoors with all these lockdowns that it's lovely to find a fun way to get outdoors and back to nature. Our ‘Paint your own bug house' kit is perfect for this! It includes a high quality wooden bug house, your choice of 2 paint colours, paintbrush, disposable apron, stickers, bug themed kids tattoo, instructions and activity sheets. Available here

  12. Veggie stamp painting

    Carve out shapes from potatoes to make stamps. Dip in paint and stamp away. For an even easier alternative, use different shaped veggies such as a celery stick, carrot and corn on the cob as stamps. Their different shapes and textures will give you fun shapes without the need for carving.

  13. Don't want to get messy with paint?

    Go back to basics and have a colouring session but try different techniques and tools such as colouring pencils, crayons, felt tips, oil pastels and more for a fun experience.

  14. Got an old cardboard box?

    The possibilities are endless! Turn it into an ice cream truck, a submarine, a racing car, a train, a plane or even a spaceship! Get the kids to draw on it and decorate it first as a separate activity. This way you have two activities with one box. Then get them playing in it and let their imagination fly!

  15. Build a fort

    Use cardboard boxes (see above), or pillows and sheets. Build a fort in the living room or bedroom and have hours of fun.

  16. Have a dance party!

    Turn the lights down low, whip out any fun colourful lights if you have them, turn the music up and dance away. Bring out any musical instruments like tambourines, drums or even the shakers (see activity 6 above) for more of a musical activity.

  17. Have a tea party!

    This one is great as you can do it with younger children as role-play with a tea set and stuffed animals. It's also a great option to have an actual tea party! I know we can't have friends or family over at the moment but we can definitely have a tea party with anyone in our household or bubble. So think of a theme, get some nice cups, plates and any other party bits you may like and enjoy an afternoon of fun. Add some simple party games to the mix and you're all set!

    Have a look at Party Box by Design for fun party supplies.

  18. Get the building blocks out and see what you can build!

    This one is another great option for a quick and simple solution. Get the building blocks out (Don't have any? Use cardboard boxes and containers from the recycling bin!) and see what you can build. Why not have a competition to see who can build the highest tower?

  19. Have an obstacle race

    Set up an obstacle course with things you have around the house or garden such as boxes, chairs, trampoline or slide and have a race to see who can complete it in the fastest time.

  20. Bake something!

    From cookies to cupcakes, here are a couple of great recipes to do with kids.

    If you prefer a no bake option, frozen bananas covered in chocolate and any other toppings of your choice such as sprinkles, almonds or coconut flakes make a really easy and delicious treat.

    Alternatively try this no bake orange cheesecake from BBC good food.

  21. Have a pizza party!

    Pizzas are such a fun activity to do with kids as it teaches them about cooking and ingredients and they can get creative and have fun adding all their favourite toppings. This is a great activity for all ages, plus you get lunch or dinner made at the same time! It's a win-win situation. You can go all out and make the pizza base and sauce from scratch but if you're short on time, have very little ones or just want a really easy activity, try pitta bread as the base with some passata of your choice for the sauce and then add cheese and all of your favourite toppings. Easiest pizza ever and I can assure you it's so delicious that you'll want to make another one!

  22. Bubbles! Who doesn't love bubbles?

    If you've got some, great! Whip them out for some fun. If not, don't worry, they're so easy to make. Just mix some water and dish soap in a cup or bowl. You can use a pipe cleaner (loop one end and twist to secure into place) to make a bubble wand!

  23. Origami for kids

    There are some lovely YouTube tutorials out there for easy origami for kids so grab some colourful paper and get started! You can even decorate your own paper with fun stamped patterns (see activity 12 above) to use for origami.

  24. Air dry clay

    Clay is always a winner with kids. Air dry clay is especially great as it's so easy to use. Make a beautiful hanging decoration or a trinket dish. If you don't have any clay, why not try this super easy recipe with cornflour and glue for a similar activity: Easter bunting decoration

  25. Get crafty!

    This is our personal favourite of course. Why? Because the possibilities are endless! From quick and easy crafts like painting pebbles, paint stamps with veggies, digging into your recycling box to build something fun to air dry clay and origami. Whatever you choose it's a great way to keep the kids entertained while encouraging their creativity and imagination. Why not try one of our craft kits? We have a fantastic range of themed kits for all ages. We prep and organise all the materials and instructions for you so there's no hassle. You can just relax and enjoy the activities with the kids. (Or sit back for a little break while our kits keep them entertained!) Find our craft kits

You can also find more free craft ideas and activities on our blog as well as on our Instagram

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